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Fix Installation Error 1029 Wad Installed Ticket/TMD Is Not Valid

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    If you see installation error 1029 wad, installed ticket/tmd is not valid, this guide should help.

    Huawei’s TE series uses advanced high-definition technology in high-definition video conferencing products. This new series from Huawei delivers maximum performance with dual 1080p 60fps AAC-LD video and audio guidance with your own personal communication experience, making real owners think you are in the same room. Multi-view images are streamed to users simultaneously and effortlessly to get the right full panoramic presentation. Numerous CP audio/video options and Wi-Fi connectivity integrate our conference room and simplify deployment, making the TE Series an ideal choice for scenarios such as administrative conferences as well as remote video conferencing.

  • TE supports style resolutions up to 1080p dual stream at 60 frames per second for Full HD picture quality.
  • With the combination of VME2.0 and H.264 HP, bandwidth consumption is only reduced by 50%;
  • Smart face detection, frame rate doublings and video enhancement technologies provide exceptional communication in video lessons.
  • The TE series supports AAC-LD, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), and Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANS) for high quality audio.
  • Language selection. The series recognizes a large number of languages. You can call or join a conference by simply saying the name of the conference or office.
  • Multi view: Images generated by multiple cameras are transmitted to the main remote end at the CP, saving bandwidth and allowing the remote ends to view live images from different angles.< /li>

  • Wi-Fi access: Built-in Wi-Fi allows the TE series to support wireless microphone networks.
  • An interactive theme. Multiple websites can display Full HD content at the same time, and almost all kinds of websites can display any content as needed.
  • Air Sharing: Content No VGA cable required, users share data much the same as presentations or content over a wireless IP network.
  • Auto USB setup. Data is organized using U-disk, which provides a safe, convenient and therefore simple plug-and-play connection.
  • VGA bypass: Local conferences and video courses use VGA, keeping local computer file sharing active without having to plug and unplug VGA cables sometimes after disabling video conferencing endpoint features.
  • Innovative and practical 3D GUI
  • Initial setup wizard.
  • LCD screen to display real-time location information.
  • Patented Super Error Concealment technology provides high image quality (sec) even with packet loss up to 20%.
  • Supports H.SVC, 264, adapts to different bandwidths, device capabilities, and vendor requirements.
  • H.460 standard and proprietary SNP technology provide secure firewall bypass.
  • H.235 media stream, not to mention signal encryption for TLS, srtp and HTTPS.
  • Interacts with standard endpoint frameworks and.
  • Integration with Microsoft Lync2010™ OCS2007R2 and.
  • Seamless integrated with IMS.
  • Many third-party APIs for integrating and customizing the human body.
  • TE40 TE50 TE60 positioning Advertising Professional Flame Scripts Medium and low power room Large and medium conference rooms Huge conference rooms People video resolution [email protected] from 1Mbps (optional)
    [email protected] from 512Kbps (optional)
    [email protected] from 512Kbps (optional) )< br> 720p – 50/60fps from 512Kbps (optional)
    720p – 25/30fps from 384Kbps 1080p at 60fps from 1Mbps (optional)
    1080p – 30fps from 512kbps
    1080i at 60fps from 512kbps
    720p – 50/60 fps from 512 kbps
    720p to 25/30 fps from 384 kbps [email protected] x per second from 1Mbps (optional)
    1080p – 30fps from 512kbps
    1080i – 60fps from 512kbps
    720p – 50/60fps second from 512 kbps
    720p to 25/30 fps from 384 kbps Double stream Dual [email protected] (optional); 1080p 2x at 30 fps (optional); Dual [email protected] Dual 1080p – 60 fps (optional); Dual [email protected] double resolution 1080p @ 60 1st (optional); Dual [email protected] Video inputs 1x HD-VI/DVI
    1x HDMI/DVI
    1x VGA/YPbPr 1 x HD-VI/DVI on rear panel
    1 x HDMI to DVI
    1 x VGA/YPbPr
    1 x 3G-SDI
    1 x CVBS 2 x HD-VI / DVI
    2 via DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/YPbPr
    1 x HDMI/DVI
    1 x 3G-SDI back button
    1 x Display Port< br >1 x FBAS/S-VIDEO (DVI-I multiplex) Video outputs 2x HDMI vs DVI
    1x VGA/YPbPr 2 x HDMI or DVI
    1 x VGA/YPbPr
    1 x 3G-SDI
    1 x CVBS 2 x HDMI/DVI
    2 x DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/YPbPr
    1 x 3G-SDI
    1 x CVBS/S-VIDEO (DVI-I Multiplex) Audio inputs 1 XLR
    2 RCA
    1 HDMI
    1 HD-AI (external audio/microphone array) 1 x XLR
    2 x RCA
    1 x 3.5mm rear button
    1 x HDMI
    1 x HD-AI (external audio/microphone array) 2 x XLR
    2 x RCA
    1 x HDMI
    1 x DisplayPort
    1 HD-AI (external microphone/audio matrix) Audio outputs 4 RCA
    2xx HDMI 4 RCA
    2 x HDMI 4 RCA
    2 x HDMI
    2a DVI-I (DVI to HDMI conversion) Other interfaces IP: 10/100/1000 Base-T, 2 x RJ45;
    PSTN(#): 5 x RJ11
    WLAN: built-in Wi-Fi;
    2 x RS232 COM;< br> 2 × USB 2.0 host IP: 10/100/1000 Base-T, one pair x RJ45;
    PSTN(#): X 1 RJ11
    Wireless: Wi-Fi built-in;
    2 x RS232 COM< br > 2 × USB 2.0 host 4E1 (optional): G.703, G.704, 4 x RJ45;
    PSTN(#): 1 x RJ11
    IP: 10/100/1000 Base-T, Layer 2 x RJ45< br> Wireless: built-in Wi-Fi module;
    2x RS232 COM back button
    2x USB 2.0 Host Multiscreen 2 views 2 views 3 views Bandwidth IP: 64 kbps × 8 Mbps IP: 64 kbps × 8 Mbps IP: 64 kbps ± 8 Mbps ï¼› 4E1: 64 kbps ± 8 Mbps Dimensions Codec dimensions (L x W x H): 435 mm 265 x 0.5 mm x 72.5 mm
    Package dimensions (L x W x H): 545 mm x 355 mm x 220 mm
    Net weight: 3.9 kg
    Package weight: dimensions 5.8 kg Codec (L x W x H): 435mm x 265.5mm x 72.5mm

    Get PC error-free in minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • Fix your PC today by downloading this software now.

    1029 Errore Installazione Wad Il Ticket/tmd Installato Non è Valido
    1029 Wad Install Error Installed Ticket/tmd Is Invalid
    1029 Error De Instalación De Wad El Boleto Instalado/tmd No Es Válido
    1029 Wad-installatiefout Ticket Geïnstalleerd/tmd Is Ongeldig
    1029 Ошибка установки Wad Установленный билет/tmd недействителен
    1029 Wad-Installationsfehler Installiertes Ticket/tmd Ist Ungültig
    1029 Wad Install Error Installed Ticket/tmd är Ogiltig
    1029 Wad 설치 오류 설치된 티켓/tmd가 잘못되었습니다.
    1029 Błąd Instalacji Wad Zainstalowany Bilet/tmd Jest Nieprawidłowy
    1029 Erro De Instalação Do Wad Bilhete Instalado/tmd é Inválido

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