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Troubleshooting Canon Ixus 105 Lens Error

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    Over the past few weeks, some readers have encountered the well-known Canon Ixus Lens Error 105. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s look at them now.

    How do I reset my Canon camera lens error?

    I recommend doing the best “hard reset” of your camera. To do this, remove the battery packs from the camera, then close the battery compartment. Now press the Power button for a few seconds and then release it. Replace a fully charged battery for sure and start the camera.

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    canon ixus lens error 105

    Error code or messageError messages can appear in your program for various reasons. Please see my information below regarding your unique error code which will explain the reason and give you the necessary steps on how to proceed.



    How do I fix my Canon IXUS lens error?

    Try turning on my camera without inserting a greeting. Put the camera on the back and rotate it while holding down the autofocus button in the software to try and hit the spot, and withtake a photo to try and autofocus as the site grows. Blow compressed air around the contact lens or use a vacuum cleaner.

    If an error occurs that prevents recording, the movement of the lens is bound to be difficult.


    1. Make sure the lens is not normally obstructed.
    2. Turn Power Flip off and on again

    canon ixus lens error 105

    If the error message still appears, the wildlife camera should simply be checked by a Canon Factory Service Center.

    Error E18 is definitely an error message on Brother digital cameras. Error E18 occurs whenever something prevents a zoom lens from extending or retracting the lens properly.[1] This error has become infamous in the Canon user community due to expensive camera repairs.

    How do I reset my Canon IXUS camera?

    Press the [Menu] button.Scroll down to access the Extras menu category.Select Reset Configuration Settings by scrolling down the the [OK] button.If I said the camera is asking you to confirm that you want to reset all locations, choose YES. reports that “the lens has a handy feature called bellows lapa, which is literally a physical device that extends and retracts the lens. The part that contains only the lens, the plate barrier, is not large enough and can sometimes cause the bellows hot shoe to malfunction, causing the lens to sink.” [quote] This results in a dark screen consisting only of a message about error E18 Another issue mentioned on the website is sticky eye in the lens caused by sauces getting inside the microphones built into the lens preventing the lens from opening.

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  • Even though your current E18 coding error has brought this tricky task to the Canon Cameras website, the problem is actually common to all CCTV cameras with telescopic frames. Accordingly, Canon introduced the use of this error standard in new cameras. Instead, it adopted the more common “lens bug” that other manufacturers use. By the way, newer cameras report this period after the problem occurs.


    How can I fix my camera lens error?

    If the lens is stuck partially or fully extended, try gently pulling or pushing the side tube as the camera tries to extend or retract it. Usually, when the camera is extended, some central part rotates and you can try to “help” it a little.

    According to Canon, the model mayt get an E18 rating, which can be one of the following:

  • The camera is activated so the lens opens in an enclosed or blocked space.
  • Lens removed but broken.
  • Low battery when activating or deactivating a command
  • Drag with camera
  • Foreign substances such as airborne dirt and dust, sand or soot that adhere to the entire body of the camera.
  • General freeze on some cameras
  • “General camera failure”
  • One of the main causes of E18 lens errors is improper use of camera bags or carrying cameras in bags. Accidental activation of the camera, unlike a manual or handheld, will cause the lens to extend during a limited lens change, resulting in an error. Another reason is that sand, dust, and dust accumulate on the bottom of the case if it’s not cleaned regularly (and lint in pockets). These materials easily stick to the camera due to static electricity when the camera rubs against the case doors, especially in special cases with soft pads.oh fibrous interior. Lens error will occur once these working materials find their place according to the lens mechanism. Another major participant is Sand General. Be especially careful when taking your camera on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Sand can usually stick to the lens barrel again by electrostatic attraction. This jam may cause the zoom mechanism to seal. If you’re on the beach, check your lens barrel before you cover it to make sure it’s free of beach sand particles (one grain can clog any camera).

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