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Suggestions To Fix Fsx Acceleration Error

You may encounter an error message indicating faulty fsx acceleration. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will talk about them soon.

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    error fsx acceleration

    For Vista and Win 7, click Change Startup, type regedit in the search box, then click regedit.exe.
    in the program list.Accept user access control. If you are prompted for an administrator password or thank you, enter the password or click Allow.
    2. Expand the following registry key:
    3. When you find the folder, double-click “Top Filters” on the right.
    4. Change the value type from 0 to PartMgr, then click OK. (Mine said CLEANBOOT on one line of partmgr and on the next just remove one of the queues and leave PartMgr as the value)
    5. Close the registry editor, then try using the activation wizard.

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  • Waiting for a new ms flight simulation and buying a new system. Now works on Chromebook! :cool:

    My FSX installation has been working correctly several times now.

    Launched today and fsx got the exact error code in the header. Apparently, the registration information has disappeared, hoty, when I get to the selection, you see a screen where the multiplayer option is greyed out.

    A search turned up a lot of information and facts on the Internet, including the frequently mentioned way to start RegEdit.

    Unfortunately, when I open the registry, the information that should be on the right may not be there when I open the registry mentioned in this suggested solution.

    This is an old install of FSX DeLuxe plus Acceleration 3 from DVD, while in other words a two-step registration of everyone – first DeLuxe after installation and then acceleration after installation.

    Does anyone have any good advice?


    1. Initial Fsx Acceleration Error

      Dear Sir or Madam, I have a problem with fsx. My laptop doesn’t have a DVD, fsx is installed directly on my phone, and I tried to run fsx, but the activation menu to work with fsx acceleration is not in my family, and I found the registry part for fsx to enable fsx, or the filter part always had partmgr, I had to changeThread it on PartMgr and last time it worked for me, this time it worked for me but still not showing trigger menu for fsx speedup and now I get this error: Error code: 4-c004d301. Could you help me with something

      Sincerely, Richard Smith. Acceleration


    2. fsx – Windows 10

      I’ve been using FSX Gold + Acceleration for a long time, but after a special Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I’m getting the usual activation errors.

      I first uninstalled Gold and reinstalled FSX, our OK saved and ran with multiplayer listed as an option.

      Then I installed Acceleration and the problems started. First error 1-80004005, then ran KB928080 as well as those listed by Microsoft as a good “fix” for the FSX acceleration registry.

      I then restarted the computer, but the error actually changed to 8-c0000006 which persists.

      Removing Acceleration fixes this error, but Direct X10 and other FSX features are missing.

      Yes, I changed the partmgr registry, but partmgr is completely changedYes. Offer

      Some will need to create a new specific user account, but I would probably prefer not to.

      Are there any other useful suggestions?

      Previously FSX-Gold + acceleration worked on PC.

      Sincerely, K.Kh.

    3. Enable FSX acceleration

      Dear MS Support,

      I have the same problem that Steve mentioned above. I had to reinstall FSX and FSX Acceleration on a new PC. Installed FSX and had to complete the flurry through phone activation and load FSX and worked without error. When I installed FSX Acceleration I definitely didn’t do it
      get activation screen. I got error code 1-80004005 Product Activation Error while running FSX program. I’ve read the MS Show support forums and articles, as well as many FSX support sites, and I’ve been lucky.

      I’m worried about changing or maybe even changing my registry because this is definitely a new computer. I tried repairing and reinstalling Acceleration as administrator and even used the secondthe FSX and Acceleration program that I used as a backup. Really understood
      the same activation error code. Turns out Acceleration fsx can’t be populated on a new Windows 10 PC. I have another PC that’s only 13 months old and has Windows 10, FSX, and Acceleration installed without issue.

      Please help me, I have been using MS Flight Simulator since 1983 and it is the only game on the internet that I play every day. Thanks.

    4. Failed To Enable Fsx Acceleration

      Enable FSX acceleration

      Hey guys

      I have the same problem due to overclocking and not SP2.

      I think this is what PopsFrom#PA# was talking about when my friend said FSX SP2 wasn’t on the uninstall list. Because instead there is acceleration.

      I tried using a tool to reset someone’s license, basically as Christo747 mentioned, it came up and showed a positive result.

      BUT when I ran FSX this time there was the same error:

      Something is going on, an unexpected error has occurred that is actually preventing completion Product activation.

      ERROR CODE: 1-80004005

      It then goes on to say that more information may be available online, but this situation leads you to Microsoft’s troubling questions like why should I activate, etc. So there really isn’t any help for this physical problem.

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