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FIX: Nfsd Debug Flags

If you’re getting an error about nfsd debug flags, this article is here to help.

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    root_squash prevents remote root users from having superuser (root) privileges on remote NFS-mounted volumes. no_root_squash allows root-specific access to an NFS client host if you want to access an NFS-mounted directory with the same new rights and privileges that the new superuser would normally have.

    rpcdebug(8) System Administration Guide rpcdebug(8)

    NAME Above

    rpcdebug – setting and understanding NFS and RPC debug kernel flags


    rpcdebug-vh rpcdebug-m module rpcdebug -m module -s flags… rpcdebug -m module -c flags…


    The rpcdebug command allows the administrator to determine and remove Linux kernel NFS client and server debug banners. Customize these The flags cause the native kernel to print a messageia about my system connection. respond to NFS activity; This is usually useful when debugging Problems with NFS. You can use the first presentation request form. List of all available Debug banner. The second form shows which special debug flags are currently set. for the supplied module. The third match specifies one or more flags, and often the fourth form clears one or possibly more flags. The all value can potentially be used to set or specify all flags. regarding our understanding of the module.

    OPTIONS Above

    -c Clears the specified debugging flags. -h Display help message and exit. Combined with -v The option also prints purchasable debug flags. module-m Specify if you want to enable or disable flags for this module. Accessible Modules: nfsd NFS server. nfs NFS client. nlm Network lock manager carrying NFS client no server. rpc NFS remote procedure call moduleowner or server. -s Set debug flags. -v Increases the verbosity of rpcdebug output.


    /proc/sys/sunrpc/rpc,nfs,nfsd,nlm_debug A procfs based interface for kernel debugging flags.

    SEE ALSO Above

    rpc.nfsd(8), nfs(5), syslogd(8).

    ERROR Above

    Bugs can be found or reported at

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    Olaf Kirch program and . Greg Banks Help Page .


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    How do I get NFS logs?

    Become superuser or use an equivalent component.(Optional) Change the configuration settings of the filesystems.Add item lists for each file system that will be shared using NFS Internet Computer Journaling.Check if an active NFS service is running on the server.(Optional) Start the NFS service.

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    FIX: Nfsd 디버그 플래그
    CORRECTIF : Drapeaux De Débogage Nfsd
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: флаги отладки Nfsd
    FIXA: Nfsd-felsökningsflaggor
    REVISIÓN: Indicadores De Depuración Nfsd
    NAPRAW: Flagi Debugowania Nfsd
    FIX: Nfsd-Debug-Flags
    FIX: Nfsd Debug-vlaggen
    CORREÇÃO: Sinalizadores De Depuração Nfsd
    FIX: Flag Di Debug Di Nfsd

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