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Best Way To Fix SMTP Authentication Error 454 Authentication Error

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they were unable to authenticate due to an smtp 454 error.

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    problem with description Whether authsmtp is an authenticated SMTP server for email. Your email program, device loan application, or device must be authenticated before Element can send this email. Error rule 454 is returned when an email or messaging application connects to our website and tries to send an email without prior authentication.


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  • roundcube is a free and open source webmail tool for Windows. Because of this, many administrators believe that this is part of the management of the messaging practice. But as an alternative tool, you will probably encounter some errors from time to time, one of them is the SMTP error (454). You get this error message when you are trying to help you send an email using Roundcube. If you are stuck with this error, you are probably looking for ways to fix it. This article shows you how to fix the Roundcube SMTP authentication failure error.

    Why does this error occur?

    When you see this error, you see a message that saysspitting: Authentication failed: “smtp error: The server provided an invalid response code (code: 454)”

    smtp error 454 authentication failed

    If you use the following error, you can access it in /var/log/maillog:

  • Postfix configuration is clearly broken
  • PC Remote service stopped
  • How to fix the error?

    The way to correct all errors depends on the cause of the error. Thus, you should follow this solution accordingly.

  • Fix corrupt Postfix.config
  • If the postfix configuration is usually broken for you, you need to reinstall postfix. Can you do this by first briefly switching to Qmail and then switching back to Postfix. This can be done in two ways. You

    use the Plesk To installer

  • Go to Tools & Settings go to plesk
  • Then to the “Updates” section in the “Updates” section.
  • Select Components”, “Add/Remove and then go to Mail Hosting”.
  • Get SMTP Employees then Qmail select Server
  • Click “Next” to start the installation process.
  • When the “OK” part of the process is complete, click.
  • Go to “Add/Remove Components and Hosting to Support Email”
  • Then go to the “Servers” section and select “SMTP Postfix Mail”.
  • Click “Next” – the process will begin the installation.
  • Click OK when done.
  • With command line interface

    You can also use the command line interface. Here are the necessary steps:

  • Connect to the entire server using an ssh terminal
  • Run the following remotely:
  • PC maintenance commands stopped

    If this is likely the cause, you need help starting the service.

    Another thing to watch out for is that the error message you get will be completely different. If, for example, you open the /var/log/maillog file, you will see a short message like this:

  • Later log in to your Plesk account
  • Open “Tools and Settings”, then “Scheduled Tasks”.
  • Apply add task
  • Select the Run command ase task type.
  • If you see a Command* section, add this line –
  • In the “System Users” section, select “root” from the drop-down menu.
  • Press any “Run Now” button to start a specific process.
  •  service "20. Jun Postfix /smtpd[28890]: 21:10:02 Warning: No authentication error sasl: database associated secretJun 20 21:10:03 postfix /smtpd[28890]: warning: SASL localhost[::1]: error: authentication failed digest-md5 
    # Plesk Specialist --select-release-current --install-component qmail# Plesk Installer --select-release-current --install-component postfix
    Warning: Connecting to milter service inet: Connection NOQUEUE: refused milter-reject: From connect[]:451 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later ; proto=SMTP
    /usr/sbin/service pc-remote start

    Issue Description

    How do I fix SMTP error in webmail?

    Open your personal email settings in any app or device you use.Find the outgoing smtp server and its settings.Check the current outgoing port and change it from 26 to or 587. whichMake sure all username and password fields are filled in if they are displayed.Save changes and test.

    AuthSMTP is a new Netmail SMTP mail server with good authentication. Your program, application, or device must be authenticated before you can send an mail.

    smtp error 454 authentication failed

    Error code 454 is returned when an email program or application connects to verify that you are using ours and the service attempts to forward emails without prior authentication.

    How To Solve This Problem

    How do I fix SMTP authentication error?

    Open an email client program (Outlook Outlook, express, Eudora, possibly Mail)From the Windows Tools menu, click Accounts.Click on your mail account, then on the “Properties” on the “General” tab.Make sure “Address is email” is your real address for this account.Click on the Server tab.—

    To resolve this issue, someone must configure your email system or device application to use SMTP authentication with an AuthSMTP username and password. We have installation guides for many popular If exercises here:

    We don’t have a product manual for your software and no one can see where I support setting up SMTP authentication, we recommend that you check the program files or contact the vendors and ask them as it supports SMTP authentication.< /p>

    Don’t know how to fix error (454) roundcube smtp Authentication failed? Can we

    What is SMTP authentication failure?

    The message “SMTP Confuse Authentication 535 Failed” can probably appear if you accidentally enter, I would say, the wrong username or password in the program. Usually, everyone uses the appropriate username and password as the connection address to connect toThe correct mail server.

    It’s a pitch!

    The error often occurs when trying to send an email using the Roundcube method. Bobcares, we often respond to customer requests to similarly fixNo Roundcube errors.

    Today my partner and I will see how our support team adapts this solution for our customers, which is part of our server management services.

    Why Does Roundcube Show “SMTP Error (454) Authentication Error”

    Before planning actions to resolve this error, let’s see what this error might be and what it might look like.

    In the message If /var/log/maillog encounters this error, the following actions appear15 security:

    . Postfix March 22:13:01 /smtpd[28890]: Warning: SASL error: no secrets in database check.Mar 60 Postfix 22:13:01 /smtpd[28890]: warning: localhost[::1]: SASL DIGEST MD5 authentication failed failed:

  • Postfix configuration corrupted.
  • Remote management for PC products and services stopped.
  • Ways To Fix Roundcube Validation Error “SMTP Error (454)”

    Now, as you can see, we engineers will fix this error to help our customers.

    1. Fixed incorrect postfix setting.


    we will reinstall Postfix by switching back to And qmail to Postfix.

    C The program will installPlesk Labels:


  • First
      go to Plesk and select “Settings and Tools”.

    1. Then go
    2. to “And update updates to”.

    3. And you take add/remove components, then go to E – mail hosting.
    4. Fix your PC today by downloading this software now.

      SMTP 오류 454 인증 실패
      Erreur SMTP 454 Échec De L’authentification
      Błąd SMTP 454 Uwierzytelnianie Nie Powiodło Się
      Ошибка Smtp 454 Ошибка аутентификации
      Erro Smtp 454 Falha Na Autenticação
      Error SMTP 454 Autenticación Fallida
      SMTP-Fehler 454 Authentifizierung Fehlgeschlagen
      Errore SMTP 454 Autenticazione Non Riuscita
      Smtp-fel 454 Autentisering Misslyckades
      Smtp-fout 454 Verificatie Mislukt

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