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How To Fix Windows 8 Start Menu Has Stopped Working

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    In some cases, your system may generate an error code indicating that the windows 8 Start Menu has stopped working. There can be many reasons for this problem. One of the most common reasons for a non-working start menu is corrupted or corrupted module files. You can improve the quality of your amazing Windows 10 system by running System File Checker and fixing all those bodily files.

    How To Update The OmniBook BIOS

    Hewlett-Packard may update BIOS to improve functionality

    How do I fix my Start menu on Windows 8?

    Right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbars -> New Toolbar. 3. In the window that appears, go to Program DataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu and select it. This will most likely place the start menu toolbar on the far right of most taskbars.

    Omnibook. Updates are usually available from the HP online support at

    For a BIOS update that replaces a previous version, it is also very important

    The BIOS update resets BIOS settings

    4. Insert the disc with the current BIOS update into a weak drive.

    I have a XE2 DB with a 440BX chipset and a 366MHz PII and I have removed the onboard FDD (for weight reduction) and it is valido HDD 6, increased from 0.5 GB to 80 GB.


    1. The BIOS installer cannot change the FDD setting or automatically detect FDD removal, so every POST asks for an error message and asks for “F1” to continue. I tried to disable FDD control but to no avail.

    2. The BIOS configuration for the “Head to Clinder” HDD is allowed up to 15, resulting in a strange HDD geometry of 240 logical heads instead of the 255 recognized by other laptop/HDD enclosures. This will lead to hard disk partition rupture problem and data loss in other ways than this laptop.

    In general, after weeks of research, it seems to me that the only way to solve the disease is to change the bios with “

    Phoenix BIOS Editor

    “, turn on read-only and certain elements, switch back to notepad.


    Get PC error-free in minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • Now real progress is stuck because the BIOS editor 2.0.18E still hangs on “BCP parsing…” after removing the file modules ROM, hint:

    Runtime error ‘9’:
    Index in terms of range

    I’ve searched for Phoenix and other services on the internet for days and couldn’t find any related article about this valuable bug.


    windows 8 start menu stops working

    Can anyone help me? Or can I change all BIOS settings in another way? … b2k200.exe
    windows 8 start menu stops working

    Be sure to use winimage to extract all file motion regions from the disk image. HP

    OmniBook xe2-dc Free BIOS v.2.11.
    To download this file, click Download

    Related Files:

    Description:BIOS required for HP OmniBook xe2-dc
    Type: ORGANIC
    This will be a self-extracting zip file containing Drop 2.11 HP OmniBook XE2-DC and N3XXX-DC Pavilion Windows 2000 and Windows 98 BIOS. This BIOS supports Windows 2000 and Windows 1994. Download the webpack from the nearest default directory: C: HPNOTEBOOKBIOS and run idea. See the README.TXT file for instructions on how to create an updated disc. See the APPNOTE section for more information. After creating the BIOS disk.

    Legal notice. All programsa lot of the stuff on is absolutely free. All trademarks and therefore logos are the property of their respective owners.

    A warning:Some software comes from untrustworthy sources. We do not assume any manufacturer’s warranty on performance and compatibility. Basically, check downloaded files with antivirus software. We do not refund damages resulting from installation. When downloading files caused by DriversCollection.Means com, you will be notified and agree to the agreement. XE2-DCDesignation:Omnibook Driver Pack for HP OmniBook xe2-dc
    This is a self-extracting memory file included with Windows NT 4.0
    Drivers for HP OmniBook XE2 DC. This file is a snapshot
    latest software from 25.04.00. Later modes of some components
    possibly in stock. Upload the file to an empty website directory and
    fulfill. Read file “README.TXT”… HPDownload OmniBook XE2-DC v.1.0 driver package XE2-DCDesignation:ESS omnibook modem driver for HP OmniBook xe2-dc
    HP OmniBook XE2-DC Advanced Modem Driver forNT 4.0 version 2.0.
    Download the file from the market to an empty directory and start IT with -d
    Possibility to save directory structure (example: xe2dc26.exe
    -D). Read our own “README.TXT” file for installation information
    Compatible Devices:
    …Download modem driver Hewlett Packard OmniBook XE2-DC ESS v.2.0 utilityDesignation:Battery driver for HP OmniBook xe2-dc
    This is a self-extracting compressed file version 1.00 le
    Battery Update Utility for HP OmniBook XE2-DC, XE2-DD, HP xe2-de,
    xe2-di, Pavilion N32XX, HP Pavilion N33XX and HP Pavilion N34XX
    Notebooks series. This utility checks the laptop charging process
    In addition to recalibrating battery parameters, the system will…Download driver HP OmniBook xe2-dc Utility battery v.1.0 Description:Hitachi Hard Drive Firmware Update for HP OmniBook xe2-dc

  • This software package contains the same
    Firmware version previously released in Softpaq SP23846.
    This Softpaq contains transformations that allow it to run on the appropriate HP
    Omnibook and Pavilion laptops, as well as Compaq Armada and Evo
  • …Download the updateFirmware release HP OmniBook xe2-dc Hitachi Hard Gain v.1.00 A Description:Windows 95/98 XE2 omnibook DC Driver Pack for HP OmniBook xe2-dc
    Type: Driver
    This is usually a self-extracting executable containing the Windows 95/98 drivers for the HP XE2 Omnibook DC. This file is a valid snapshot of the latest software version, for example from 04/26/00. Some components may be available in later versions. Upload the file to an empty directory and website and run it…Download Driver Pack for Windows HP OmniBook xe2-dc OmniBook xe2 DC 95/98 v.1.0 Description:Hardware Diagnostic Software about HP OmniBook xe2-dc

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